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The Premier Destination for Indoor Golf

Speedy Golf is a 24-hour, fully automated indoor golf facility where members can choose from over 50 courses around the world, playing every club in the bag. Equipped with 4 state-of-the-art golf bays and designed to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed golfers,  our virtual golf simulators use the latest technology, designed and assembled in the USA, to bring you the feeling of real life play. 

Our Mission at Speedy Golf

At Speedy Golf we believe that the joy, frustration, solitude, and celebration that comes with a round of golf should be more accessible. Through advanced simulator technology and carefully selected course options, our goal is offer a virtual golf experience that is exciting, realistic, immersive, and comparable to playing on a real golf course. 

To us, golf is more than just a game. It’s an experience. With the power of our innovative technology and accessible facility setup, we aim to make the game we love accessible to other golf enthusiasts or budding stars who want a welcoming and inclusive environment where they can hone-in their skills and improve their game. 

Our mission is to go beyond just being a local golf simulator. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or first-time player, we want to be the hub for golf enthusiasts. 

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Summer price(May-October)

Non-Member $28 per hour. 

Member $20 per hour. 

  • Prepaid hours are never expired.
  • No club rental. Rubber tees and golf balls are provided. 
  • All purchased hour cards are final. No return, no transferable.
  • Gift card is available upon request. 
  • Every hour booking will get 10 points. Only paid hours will collect points after game sessions

 Member benefits: Preferred hourly rate, two FREE hours every 30 days, DOUBLE points collection and more. 

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