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Terms and Conditions

The following rules are in place to ensure all participants and guests have a safe, enjoyable experience at Speedy Golf facility. Common sense and consideration for the safety of all participants and guests is expected at all times, even if it’s not explicitly listed here.

All golfers are required to follow rules:

Summer price(May-October)

Non-Member $28 per hour. 

Member $20 per hour. 

  • Prepaid hours are never expired.
  • No club rental. Rubber tees and golf balls are provided. 
  • All purchased hour cards are final. No return, no transferable.
  • Gift card is available upon request. 
  • Every hour booking will get 10 points. Only paid hours will collect points after game sessions

 Member benefits: Preferred hourly rate, two FREE hours every 30 days, DOUBLE points collection and more. 

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