Play tournament, everyone can WIN! Speedy Golf Tournament
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Watch Video how to join tournament.

  1. Limited to 1 prize per winner(Hole in one excluded)
  2. Gentlemen play from blue tee.
  3. Ladies play from red tee.(need to change manually) 
  4. Previous top 3 winners play from black tee.(need to change manually) 
  5. You can play as many times as you want to get the best score.
  6. Close to score 80 winner is from 80~89 etc.
  7. At the end of tournament, all prizes are rewarded by leaderboard ranking. 
  8. Hole in one winner shall take a photo on score card and email to
  9. View your Ranking.


  • Speedy golf is not responsible for score lost or software bugs. 
  • White club head or walk over the ball may interfere with the accuracy of the ball strike. 
  • The game progress can’t be saved. Please book enough time to finish the 18 holes. 
  • Speedy Golf reserves right of final interpretation of this tournament.


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