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Select Your Time

  • Deposit funds to your account first.
  • You can select multiple time slots at the same time.

Review Booking Confirmation

  • You will receive Booking Confirmation after a successful booking.
  • Please check Junk Folder if you haven’t received confirmation.

Click to view booking process video


  • Door-open link will send in a separate email and text message 10 minutes before your tee-time.
  • Click the link to open the door and enter the facility.


  • You can start your game if the bay is vacant.
  • If the bay was booked before you, please wait until your tee-time. You may enter the bay when you see the initial picture appearing on the screen.
  • There two programs for you to select. You can use touch screen or key board to select preferred program.
  • Only have ONE ball on the hitting mat.
  • Don't place ball on the middle line of the mat. 
  • The simulator will recognize left-hand player or right-hand player by ball position.

FSX 2020 Quick User Guide

FSX 2020 Quick User Guide

FSX 2020 Quick User Guide

FSX 2020 Quick User Guide

FSX PLAY Quick User Guide

FSX PLAY Quick User Guide


  • You will receive a text message to remind your game will be closed within 5 minutes.
  • If no booking after you, you can reply for fast booking without interrupting the game.
  • If you are the last customer in the facility, all lights will Turn Off 10 minutes after your session is over.

Immerse Yourself in the

Virtual Golf Experience.


Getting started is easy.

Create an Account

1. Create an Account

Register to become a club member online. This will give you the ability to purchase hours, generate points and book a visit online.

Deposit Funds

2. Deposit Funds

Once account registration is complete, sign into your account and purchase a pre-paid golf card with the hourly rate starting at just $28 per bay.

Book a Bay

3. Book a Bay

Choose your bay online ahead of your visit. Please note that our facilities are fully automated which means that you must handle your bay prior to your visit, by visiting Calendar.
How to book a bay

Enter and Play

4. Enter and Play

Enter and Play: Once your visit is confirmed, visit our indoor golf facility and follow the step-by-step instructions provided to you to learn how to enter. Upon reaching your bay, get set up and tee off!
FSX 2020 user manual
FSX PLAY user manual

When You Arrive: Start Your Virtual Play

After you reach your designated golf bay, all that’s really left to do is play. Setting up your game is fairly straightforward, and you can get your first swing underway in just minutes. 

Set Up Your Profile

Set Up Your Profile

Upon your first visit to Speedy Golf, you’ll need to set up your player profile to track your progress and store your game information including preferences and performance statistics. This data will enable easier start up in future visits and provide insight into your evolution as a golfer. 

Select Your Course

Select Your Course

After your profile is set up and accessed, you must next select the course you wish to play. Our indoor golf simulator provides a variety of stunning and challenging options including famous courses and scenic courses. 

Select Your Game Mode & Settings

Select Your Game Mode & Settings

When you choose your course, you’ll also be able to pick a game mode. Options available can vary, including practice, improve, and compete. You can further customize your experience with putting options, stroke limits, weather customizations, and more. 

Start Your Game

Start Your Game

After you’ve set the game up to your liking, you can begin to play. Step up to the tee and take your first swing. As you play sophisticated cameras and sensors will precisely track your club and ball movement virtually, offering real-time insights into your every swing as you progress through the course.

Analyze Your Performance

Analyze Your Performance

Once your game is over, the advanced indoor golf simulator will provide you with detailed insights and statistics, allowing you to strategically analyze your game and identify areas for improvement, so you can become the best golfer you can be. 


Embrace the Innovation of

Virtual Golf

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