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Speedy Golf offers private lessons and group lessons to all students whether they are beginners or experienced golfers. We teach lessons using Foresight simulators and swing cameras to help you get the best training result. The coaching staff can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.

Book a lesson with a pro now. Call 647-707-8425 or email to


Quick fix and find solution
One Lesson Session $160

Lesson includes:
- 60 minutes single bay booking fee
- 60 minutes class
- Video analysis
- Correction drills
Bring an extra person for only $20, maximum of 3 persons.



5 Lesson Package- $550(Private)/$700(Semi-Private)
10 Lesson Package-$950(Private)/$1,200(Semi-Private)
20 Lesson Package-$1,600(Private)/$2,200(Semi-Private)

All Lessons include:
- 60 minutes class
- Video analysis
- Correction drills

* Bay booking fee is not included. You can get favorable hourly rate with lesson packages. 





Guarantee more distance in two weeks. (Complete game skill test is

Guarantee 10/20/30 yards for your irons or driver
2 lessons per week $350
3 lessons per week $450

All Lessons include:
1. 120 minutes single bay booking fee
2. 60 minutes class
3. Video analysis
4. Correction drills
5. Free 60 minutes practice and 30 minutes remote video analysis each week.

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