Play tournament, everyone can WIN! Speedy Golf Tournament
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Speedy Golf Tournament


How to join the tournment? 

You need to sign up a FSX Live account and login in the game before joining the tournament. 


Where can I see my ranking?

The ranking is available at FSX live account and Speedy Golf TV screen. View your Ranking


How to claim the prize?

When the tournament is ending, we will send prize ONLY by ranking on the leaderboard. Please send an email to and include your FSX live ID name and your contact infomation. All prize will be rewarded within one week. 


How to claim Hole In One prize?

Take a picture on your score card and email to Please including your booking time and bay#. 


I can't finish 18 holes today. Can I continue the game next time?

Tournament can't be saved. If you can't finish the whold 18 holes before your booking time, you will LOST all the scores. Make sure book enough time for the tournemnet. 

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