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Golf is a sport that demands precision, strength, and strategy. How you perform on a warm sunny day is only a piece of the puzzle. Weather is a factor that directly affects your golf stroke and should be considered as you practice and train. Because the weather is not something you can control, it’s hard to plan a tee-time that aligns with challenging weather conditions, but with an innovative virtual golf simulator, you can play in any weather you desire. At Speedy Golf, you can play indoor golf in Markham you can access courses from around the world where you can strengthen your golf game. 

Here’s an easy to follow guide on preparing for weather with a virtual golf simulator and Speedy Golf. 

Strong Winds

From a gentle breeze to harsh gusts, wind will have a varying effect on your golf game. Strong speedy gusts will force you to adjust your swing, but even lighter breezes can affect your putt. As your ball gets launched into the air it becomes exposed to more, uninterrupted wind which will carry your ball in a specific direction. The goal is to take advantage of the wind and use it to get your ball where it wants to go. If the window is moving towards the hole, you may want to reduce the amount of strength or power behind your drive, switching from a driver to a different iron. Using our indoor golf simulator in Markham you can practice with different clubs to see which works best for you at different wind speeds. On the other hand, if the wind is blowing against you, you’ll need more power in your swing, so you’ll want to practice with your driver. Using the customizable features of a virtual golf simulator, you can adjust your swing to pull left or right, for accurate play in real life situations. 

Rainy Conditions

Rainy days can mean slippery greens and golf balls. And as every golfer knows a wet green plays much slower than a dry green. Getting accustomed to wet conditions on the greens can help you perfect your putt, so you can play with greater accuracy. When playing in rainy weather, you may notice less spin control on your ball, but by improving your grip of the club with adjusted hand position you can enhance accuracy with your swing. If you notice a decline in your game during rainy weather, regular visits to Speedy Golf can increase your practice opportunities. More hours playing virtual golf in Markham, will mean more accuracy in every condition. 

Benefits of Virtual Golf Training 

Indoor golf simulators provide a great opportunity to golfers looking to enhance their game. Regularly playing indoor golf in Markham will help you track and monitor your progress, focus on different areas of your game to develop your skill, enhance your mental game training, and boost confidence. With a long list of virtual courses and practice options, indoor golf simulators are a great way to challenge yourself to become a better golfer even in adverse weather conditions that are a common encounter among Canadian players. 

To start playing virtual golf, visit Speedy Golf.


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