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Golf simulators have become increasingly popular over the last decade. It’s a great option for expert golfers who want to play year-round or beginners who are looking to dip their toes in the water before committing to a real course. Golf simulators may be intimidating to beginners, however, it can be a fun activity that is accessible to people of all skill levels. Golf simulators offer many prompts and analytics to help people improve their swing. You also don’t require as much athleticism when taking on virtual golf, which makes it great for people who are older or less experienced. Speedy Golf offers a top-notch golf simulator in Markham to everyone, regardless of experience. 

Keep reading to learn more about how virtual golf is great for all skill levels. 

Strength Is Not an Issue

When playing virtual golf, the screen is only a short distance away from your starting point. This means that you don’t require a great deal of strength or athleticism to see results. This makes virtual golf a great option for all ages and skill levels, as strength is less important. 

Everyone Can Make Progress

Typically when you first start playing golf, it can be difficult to see much progress with hitting the ball because a lot of technique is required. This can make playing a bit demoralizing. With virtual golf, you are more likely to see results making it a more enjoyable experience for those who are less experienced.  

Different Game Modes

There are many different game mode options available in virtual golf. People who have more experience can choose to play a full course of golf, whereas beginners can elect to play mini-games to get a feel for the sport. There are also often “practice” options available at virtual golf, which is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their game.


One of the most insightful elements of virtual golf is the analytics. The system can show you:

  • How hard you’re hitting the ball
  • How fast the ball is travelling
  • What angles you’re hitting the ball at
  • How much spin you’re putting on the ball 
  • Exactly where the club and ball are making contact

All of these details can be really helpful to those who are looking to improve their shot. Whether you’re an expert looking to clean up your shot or a novice who is looking to learn how to shoot, virtual golf has the means to help you. 


Virtual golf is great for all skill levels because it allows you to tailor the game to your needs and experience. You can change the difficulty level of the game based on your preferences. 

Speedy Golf is For All Skill Levels

Virtual golf is made for everyone. It can be a great starting point for people who are new to the sport of golf or a great way for experts to get feedback on their swing. You don’t need a lot of strength when playing virtual golf, meaning that everyone can see results regardless of their skill level. The personalized experience, analytics and feedback that virtual golf provides also make it great for people who are looking to learn and improve their golf skills. If you are looking for an accessible golf simulator in Markham, that is open to people of all skill levels, contact Speedy Golf to book a time slot!

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