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Indoor golf simulators in Markham provide golfers with a convenient and fun opportunity to perfect their play in the comfort of a controlled environment. One of the biggest challenges for newcomers to the sport is determining which iron to use and when to use it. By perfecting your club choice, tailoring it to your skill level, and aligning it with the course you can get more out of each stroke for a lower score next time you hit the links. Our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators at Speedy Golf gives patrons like you a practice ground to try out various clubs in their golf bag. 

Read on for tips and guidance on how to choose the best golf club for various situations. 

How to Assess the Situation and Choose Your Club

Each club in a golfer’s bag has a specific purpose and situation where it is best used. This can depend on the particular strengths and weaknesses of the golfer and the set up or layout of the course, which means that choosing the right club will be completely personal to you, however there are ways to determine the optimal options. 

Here are some guiding tips for choosing the best club:

  • Assess the Course: Before you select a club take note of where you are positioned on the course and the distance from the hole (which the virtual golf simulator will tell you with accuracy). In this assessment you should also pay attention to any hazards or obstacles between you and the target landing spot for your golf ball. 
  • Consider the Wind and Weather Conditions: Just like in real golf, wind and weather conditions play a significant role in club selection. Many indoor golf simulators provide an option to incorporate wind factors into the game, so you should be able to set these conditions to align with your practice goals.
  • Understand the Club Characteristics: Each golf club has its unique characteristics and purposes. Familiarize yourself with the different types of clubs, including drivers, woods, irons, and wedges. Each club offers a different loft angle, flight trajectory, and distance capabilities. Knowing how each club performs will inform better decision making at the tee-box, fairway, and greens.

Leverage Practice Mode & Data

One of the many benefits of playing virtual golf in Markham is access to practice modes which allow you to play the same shot with different clubs and strategies. This gives you the benefit of trial and error, you can test how you swing to a given club. 

Another benefit offered by our leading golf simulators is shot data. This feature gives players instant access to detailed analysis of a particular shot including launch angels, ball speed, spin rates, etc. With this information and insight you can understand how your performance is being affected by a particular swing and adjust your choices accordingly. 

Experiment and Learn with Speedy Golf

Golf is a complicated sport that requires time and attention. As with any new skill it’s important to take your time, practice and explore your options. Speedy Golf’s facilities enable you to develop and fine-tune your approach. To explore the possibilities and opportunities of our indoor golf simulators, book your bay today. Our facilities are open 24/7 for you to enjoy. 


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