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indoor virtual golf simulator Markham

Indoor golf simulators in Markham are a revolutionary option for golfers and fun-seekers in the city of all varieties. The innovative virtual golf technology is more than just a game but an entire experience that can be accessed with ease in the Greater Toronto Area at Speedy Golf. When you visit our facilities to play indoor golf in Markham, you will get 24 hour access to state-of-the-art bays powered by advanced golf simulators in Markham that give individual players access to multiple courses across the world and play modes. Completely online booking options and automated access to the secure facility maximize autonomy and control. The well-equipped indoor golf at Speedy Golf is a convenient and enjoyable option in Markham 

Here’s what you need to bring when you’re planning your visit to Speedy Golf to use our innovative golf simulators in Markham. 

Bring Your Own Golf Clubs

Naturally, the most crucial items to bring to an indoor golf facility are your golf clubs. Ensure you have the right clubs for your practice session or game. If you're unsure which clubs to bring, consider a mix of irons, woods, wedges, and a putter to cover various aspects of your game. Most golfers playing on indoor golf simulators in Markham bring their entire golf bag so they’re prepared for any type of play they want.

Golf Shoes & Golf Gloves

Bring a good pair of golf shoes for your practice session or game at Speedy Golf. Golf shoes with soft spikes can provide better stability and traction, enhancing your performance. Additionally, don't forget your golf glove, which can give you a better grip on the club and improve your swing consistency. Having both of these items can significantly improve your indoor golf experience.

Comfortable Golf Attire

While any athleisure will do, wearing golf-appropriate attire is recommended for the most comfortable and effective experience. Golf shirts allow for better cooling as you heat up during play, while golf pants or shorts allow for better movement and flexibility during your swings. 

Personal Hydration and Nutrition

With any sport or exercise, staying hydrated and fueled is essential for peak performance, even with indoor golf in Markham. Bring a reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during your simulator session. Also, consider packing a small snack or energy bar to maintain your energy levels, especially if you plan on an extended practice session or playing multiple rounds.

Scorecard and Notebook

Whether you're practicing or playing simulated rounds, having a scorecard or notebook to record your scores, observations, and thoughts can be invaluable. This record-keeping helps you track your progress and identify areas of improvement for your game. Indoor golf simulators in Markham’s Speedy Golf providers tailored play insights that you can keep track of and make improvements on. 

Positive Attitude and Patience with Indoor Golf

Golf, whether indoors or outdoors, is a mental game as much as a physical one. Bring a positive attitude and patience to your golf simulator session. Be open to learning, experimentation, and the occasional hiccup in your performance. Maintaining a positive mindset can lead to more productive practice and an overall enjoyable experience.


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